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It’s all very well me telling you how we can help you move forward and focus, but the proof is in the pudding as they say, below are testimonials and feedback we have received from a small number of our clients.

Alastair Hoyne
CEO – Finanze Group

“I’ve never felt that I needed guidance in how to run my business day to day, but as a result of a fast track corporate career I did miss out on guidance, mentoring and other types of coaching normally afforded graduates and those whose careers might have been less rapid. Therefore I decided to reach out to Ian Welsh from ICW Consulting to plug that gap in my business life. As a successful multi-portfolio entrepreneur himself I felt that he could provide me with views and opinions to support my growth. Albeit coming from different sectors, the overarching challenges facing businesses are much alike. I look forward to every meeting, having decided to schedule monthly sessions and find each of them to be hugely productive and profitable. Ian has already made a number of suggestions on pricing, how to approach negotiations and other areas that have improved my margins substantially. Whether you are starting from scratch or growing an empire, take the time to meet with Ian – if he can help me, he can certainly help you.”

Feedback from first meeting with regular client

Great meeting, I got some feedback on things in my business and more clarity on what to focus on.

Private Client

Feedback from a single consultation

Was made to feel at ease and felt comfortable discussing personal & business-sensitive information. The information & advice I was given was clear & concise Ian fully understood my brief and reasons for wanting to meet and gave a tailored solution.

D. Williams

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