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SSAS Pensions

A Small Self Administered Pension Scheme (SSAS) is a powerful tool for any business owner.

Imagine if you could save all the rent you pay for your business premises over the lifetime of your business, then take 25% of it tax free when you retire, plus use the rest as a pension in retirement, most people don’t believe me when I tell them about how you can do exactly that with a SSAS pension, and more, lots more.

SSAS Pensions are more flexible and controllable than a SIPP, have a wider range of investments available and are controlled by you and up to 10 other trustees’, your family or maybe your business partners. Each has their own savings pot in the pension, that you can then combine to invest in a wide range of areas, commercial property, stocks shares, gold, etc etc, even your business, yes you can use the pension to loan back to your business, helping it grow, forget a bank, be your own bank.

Many SSAS Pension providers want to trap you into long training courses, hiding behind the facade that it’s specialist and you don’t know enough, yes, it’s specialist, that’s why you have a manging trustee, they know the rules so you don’t break them. You need to know if a SSAS is right for you, you need to know what responsibilities it comes with and know the right strategy to attain your goals for retirement.

If you’re thinking of starting a SSAS pension, we can help you answer those questions, help you define your goals, and then we can help you find the right manging trustee to start the pension. We believe this is best done 1 to 1, not in a room full of people or online, your goals are yours not everyone else’s. Define, Plan and Execute.

SSAS Pension Thinking to Running Program;

  • Helping you get from thinking to running a SSAS Pension
  • Specificly designed to;
    • Help consider your options
    • Is a SSAS Pension right for you
    • Build your goals for the SSAS
    • How retirement looks for you
    • What you can & can’t do with SSAS
    • Find the right managing trustee
    • How to transfer an existing pension
  • 6 x One Hour Meetings – £599
  • Meetings are flexible and can be monthly or bi-monthly
    depending on what you require.

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