Consultancy & Accountability



Consulting How it Works

Firstly we schedule a free ten minute introduction telephone call, from there to get the best results for you and your business, we suggest an initial one hour face to face meeting, this helps to get to know each other better, also to clarify the following, helping us move you forward in your journey;

  • Find out about you & your business/SSAS
  • Your vision and aspirations in life
  • Set short & long term targets
  • Define a timeline

From there you can book further sessions from one to three hours at an interval to suit you, or just take the information and objectives and run with it yourself, no tie in.

Accountability How it Works

Every successful entrepreneur I know is accountable to someone, having an accountability partner helps drive productivity in both yourself and your business.
Being accountable is the best tool I’ve found to help move businesses forward, I have an accountability partner, each month we meet and I go over what has been achieved and what next months goals are, ICW Consulting was created with the help of accountability.

Accountability is not consulting or coaching, it is purely to help your business move forward fast, simply by helping you focus on the tasks required NOW.

We offer two types of accountability programs, either via a twenty minute Zoom call every month, going over what’s been achieved and setting the goals for next month, alternatively we offer a monthly one hour face to face meeting, again looking at what’s been achieved and setting the goals moving forward, this is the most popular program we offer, with several high profile clients in the SSAS and Finance community.

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